Footie Factory Footed Pajamas  
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Footie Factory manufactures the finest:

  • Adult Footed Pajamas
  • Pajama Costumes
  • Blankets with Sleeves
  • Fleece Fabric Yardage


  • Sizes: 14 unisex sizes (to fit men and women from 4'4" to 7'0")
  • XL Sizes: 4 of our sizes are Extra-Wide (to fit men and women from 5'0" to 7'0" - with 65"-80" waists)
  • Standard Features: Roomy Cut, Full Front Zipper and Kangaroo Pockets
  • Fabric Styles: Fleece or Flannel
  • Flap Styles: Dropseat or Regular Back
  • Regular or Hooded
  • Foot Styles: Regular or Fold-to-Cuff Foot - with friction dot soles

Wholesale Terms & Conditions:

We have discontinued offering our merchandise at wholesale pricing. Our merchandise may be ordered at current retail price by visiting or by calling 410-990-0005.

The following Terms & Conditions still apply to previously purchased merchandise.

VERY IMPORTANT: Footie Factory and Pajama City are our registered trademarks. Do not represent yourselves as our company or use our name to purchase a URL. You also cannot use any photo of ours that has a human being in it - as we do not allow that.

We sell only to brick-and-mortar stores (no website businesses without prior authorization).

12 pieces

Prices, terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Payment must clear before shipment. We only accept payment in US dollars.

If your credit card cannot be run for the amount of your order you will be notified by email. Please contact us with a different card number.

Sorry, we do not send free or discounted samples. Please purchase samples at full retail price from

We do not accept returns of wholesale merchandise.
Exchange of defective merchandise must be made within 30 days of receipt. In case of factory defects: returns will not be accepted without a prior written authorization and will only be exchanged. A call tag will be sent if factory defect return is authorized. All unauthorized returns will be marked "return to sender" and shipped back to you.
THE ONLY EXCEPTION: Your first order...
Because we do not have a salesperson who will bring styles into your location for you to inspect we will be happy to accept the return of anything from your first order. So order big! You'll be able to inspect and try to sell - then return - anything in like-new condition within 60 days of receipt of your first order.

We are happy to correct any errors - but please order early. We will not overnight your merchandise at our expense due to errors (whether ours or yours) because you need the items by a certain date. Claims for discrepancies on invoices must be made within 5 days or receipt of merchandise.

We stand behind our products. If you find a defect (even if you find the problem after your customer has worn the item for up to 30 days) we will be happy to issue a credit for that item. If it is a recurring complaint and you have continued to order that style we will not issue you a credit.

We do not accept backorders.
Orders for merchandise that is not in stock will be automatically canceled unless emailed otherwise. If you are on our email list we will notify you when we receive items that have been out of stock for a long time. Due to the nature of our suppliers we are unable to accurately predict exact receipt dates of merchandise that we have run out of.

Use of our photographic images is only permitted with our permission. Permission is only granted for photos of products - photos with models in them are never to be used.

Sorry, we do not grant exclusive territories.

DURING TRANSIT, MERCHANDISE CANNOT BE DIVERTED TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS. If UPS cannot deliver to the address you provided and your shipment is returned you will be charged for shipping both ways (and again if you still want us to ship) and a 15% restocking fee.

As a manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor we must also vend our products online. If you have a brick-and-mortar location and purchase wholesale goods from us we do not mind if you also sell them online on your own site. However, we reserve the right to be the sole vendor of our products on these (and other) sites:
In other words: you may sell our products online, but only as yourself, not on others' sites.

Shipping and Handling:

We ship UPS commercial. We never ship wholesale goods expedited or C.O.D. nor do we drop ship.
Please ignore the cost of shipping listed on our checkout page. You will be charged UPS Commercial Rates after we pack and weigh your order.

We cannot rush wholesale orders. We normally take 2-4 days to prepare wholesale orders for shipment. If we are waiting for payment from you or you order during holiday season it may take longer. If you need a rush order or a specific receipt date please order from another company.

If your shipment cannot be delivered to the address you provided and your shipment is returned to us you will be charged for shipping both ways and if you do not wish us to reship we will treat it as a cancelled order (see below).
If you wish us to reship to a different address we will also charge you shipping for the 2nd time we send it to you.

We understand that some of our customers do not order early enough in advance, or their payment does not go through immediately, or we take longer than they anticipated to prepare their order, and they must occasionally cancel an order they have placed.

Orders that are cancelled before we pick and pack them will be charged:
- any fees (bank or credit card costs) we have incurred

Orders that are cancelled after picking and weighing but before shipment will be charged:
- a 20% restocking fee
- any fees (bank or credit card costs) we have incurred

Orders that are cancelled during shipment or are refused upon receipt will be charged:
- a 20% restocking fee
- any fees (bank or credit card costs) we have incurred
- any and all costs related to the cost of shipping cartons, insurance and shipping one or both ways to and/or from your location

If you cancel shipments often we will not continue to accept your orders.


You pay actual shipping costs. Your order will usually be shipped within 2 days of payment receipt. All orders are shipped insured.
Usual shipping methods:
- Continental US locations: UPS Commercial or Ground or USPS depending on location.
- Alaska & Hawaii: USPS


If you wish to estimate shipping costs to your country:
You pay actual shipping costs + $5 handling fee for document prep. Your order will usually be shipped within 2-3 days after you order but we can never guarantee an exact shipping or arrival date. All orders are shipped insured.

Usual shipping method: UPS International Air. You can calculate approximate shipping cost by running the rate on Shoes weigh approx. 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. each, clothes usually weigh around .5 - 1 lbs. apiece. If you do not want to pay UPS rates please arrange for your freight to be picked up at our location after we have packed it. We will not refund the cost of shipping or customs & duty if you think the cost is too high.

Important: Know your country's import laws and quotas!
If we send you a shipment and it is refused by your country's customs or postal authorities (etc.), you must pay the freight both ways when it comes back to us. We will not pay penalties or the cost of return shipping and handling and payment fees if you ask us to ship something that is not legal to ship to your location or have given us an address that the freight forwarder is unable to find or deliver to. If your shipment is refused we will want a new address before we ship again. See Cancelled Orders above.

If you are in the Baltimore area please stop in and visit our wholesale showroom at:

Dalmatian Corporation
1041 Swan Creek Drive., Suite B
Curtis Bay, Maryland 21226 U.S.A.